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El Buen Vivir  is a multiplatform project of the National Commission for Communication of Indigenous Peoples, CONCIP (Spanish: Comision Nacional de Comunicacion de los Pueblos Indigenas), with the support of MinTIC (Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications; Spanish: Ministerio de Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicaciones), which invites you to discover a part of our immense cultural richeness of us, the original peoples of Colombia. We want to share our solution models to different problems associated with modernity. It is not a simple recipe book, but rather ideals and practices inspired by different approaches to solidarity economy, food sovereignty, rights of nature, protection of biodiversity, defense of the territory, good governance, spiritual communication, conflict resolution and citizen coexistence in a cultural difference.

We are proud to present the first season of El Buen Vivir , created collaboratively by Colombian indigenous audiovisual communicators from the Arhuaco, Barasano, Wiwa, U’wa, Guna Dule, Pastos, Wayuu, Kamentša, Murui Muina M+n+ka and Muinane communities to share their unique viewpoints and perspectives. Throughout the nine short films, ten podcasts, three 360° experiences and digital expansions, we will be transported to their homelands, get an understanding of their traditions, immerse in their language and encounter the facets of their worldviews.

This project is a direct result of the implementation of the Public Policy of Communication of and for Indigenous Peoples and its Unified Indigenous Television Plan, as well as marking the commencement of the Content Program for Indigenous Audiovisual Sovereignty. MinTIC is therefore supporting the realization of El Buen Vivir and upholding to the agreements with the Indigenous People of Colombia through their collaboration with CONCIP, Canal Trece and the Natibo Foundation.





Indigenous groups and filmmakers responsible for the stories of “The Living Well” in this first season.

mamo Adolfo

» Realizaciones Yosokwi
» Dir. Armando Villafana Chaparro (Arawak People)
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maloca 3

» Colectivo Jaguares del Yuruparí
» Dir. Bladimir Rivera Macuna (Barasano People)

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creditos wiwa

» Bunkuaneyuman Comunicaciones
» Dir. Rafael Mojica Gil (Wiwa People)

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creditos uwa

» Dir. Marly Caceres Uncacia (U´wa People)

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creditos pastos

» Audiovisuales Pastás
» Dir. Mauricio Telpiz Quitiaquez (Pastos People)

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» SentARTE Producciones
» Dir. Olowaili Green Santacruz (Guna Dule People)

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Creditos wayuu

» Programa de Comunicación Propia de Yanama
» Dir. Nat Nat Iguaran Fajardo (Wayuu People)

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ceremonia yage

» Autoridades Tradicionales Indígenas de Colombia Gobierno Mayor
» Dir. Juan Carlos Jamioy Juagibioy (Kamentša People)

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creditos murui

» Escuela de Comunicación indígena Ka+Jana Uai (La voz de nuestra imagen)
» Dir. Nelly Kuiru Castro (Pueblo Murui)

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Director | Pablo Mora Calderón

Producer | Rosaura Villanueva Espitia

Production assistant | Paola Solórzano

Editor | Juan Pablo Méndez

Assistant editor | María Paula Betancourt | Camilo Sánchez

Sound postproduction | Germán León

Graphic Design | Juan David Acevedo | Julián Mejía

Transmedia | Dirección y formación | Edith Sierra Montaño

Podcast | Producción final | Milton Coreguaje | Rossana Fuentes | Tatiana Ramírez

360 ° Inmerssion|Cámara, edición y formación | Carlo Corinaldesi

360 ° Inmerssion |Post producción | Juan Manuel Escobar Villegas

360 ° Inmerssion | Post producción de sonido | Arcadia Sonora


Training support provided by | Deparment of Visual Arts Pontifica Universidad Javeriana

Mentors | Adriana Bernal | Alejandro Forero | Juan Carlos Arias | Juan David Acevedo | Juan David Cárdenas | Pablo Mora Calderón | Ricardo Toledo | Cesar David Useche |

CONCIP TECHNICAL SECRETARY | Silsa Matilde Arias Martínez


Álvaro Piranga, ONIC | Nelly Kuiru, Macro Amazonas – ONIC | Rigoberto Wilches, Macro Centro – ONIC | Héctor Quitave, Macro Orinoquía – ONIC | Silsa Matilde Arias, TIKCaribe Macro Norte - ONIC | Adolfo Conejo, CRIC – ONIC | Fredy Ricardo Usnas, CRIHU – ONIC | Maira Alejandra Jayariyu, Chocó - ONIC | Celmira Lugo, OIA – ONIC | Jhonatan Nastacuas, UNIPA – ONIC | Nat Nat Iguarán, YANAMA – ONIC | Harold Rincón, OPIAC | Amado Villafaña, CIT | José Esteban Fuelpaz, AICO por la Pacha Mama | Ángel Jacanamejoy, Gobierno Mayor | Dora Muñoz, Red AMCIC |

logo natibo

Executive producer | Juan Carlos Isaza

Travel Coordinator | Martha León

Financial Reviewer | Dayana Escobar

Assistant Accountant | Alexandra Bedoya

logo canaltrece

Content Director | Rodrigo Holguín Alfaro

Executive producer | Diana Grajales Salas

Digital Director | Álvaro Campo Arguelles

Conceptual and Production advisor | Diego Loaiza