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Episode 7

Weavers of life


Three stories about the role of women in the family and social life of their communities. Indigenous women, weavers of life from the Wamonae, Kankuamo and Tikuna peoples, show us the interweaving of ritual and leadership for the good life.


The following is a description of each of the stories that are part of this episode. If you would like to access the videos with English subtitles, please contact us at produccion@elbuenvivir.co


Pi jainbo tane

Puberty ritual

Wamonae Indigenous People

A filmmaking by Regional Indigenous Organization of Casanare, ORIC

Through the ritual of puberty, the Wamonae people teach us how good living is rooted in identity, community life and traditions that are transmitted from generation to generation.


Women weavers of resistance

Kankuamo Indigenous People

A filmmaking by Indigenous Cabildo of Kankuamo Reservation

With the guidance of the wise Carolina Arias, this story takes us on a journey that reveals how weaving is construction, complement and resistance for the Kankuamo people.

Techi arü ngeegü

Umari Women, Weavers of Tikuna Stories and Knowledge

Tikuna Indigenous People

A filmmaking by Association of Traditional Authorities Tikunas, Cocamas and Yaguas of the Indigenous Reservation Aticoya

A grandmother, bearer of the knowledge of the Tikuna people, transmits this wisdom to her granddaughter, who dedicates herself to learn the art of weaving history and ancestral knowledge. A walk through the jungle full of events at every moment and a ritual of harmony and balance that invites us to reflection.