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Capítulo 5

Cuidar el agua


Three stories about the ancestral conception of water. The Misak, Quillasinga and Puinave peoples teach us about their close relationship with water, the threats of its decrease and the actions being implemented for its conservation.


The following is a description of each of the stories that are part of this episode. If you would like to access the videos with English subtitles, please contact us at produccion@elbuenvivir.co




Misak Indigenous People

A filmamking by Luis Tróchez Tunubalá

Four Misak girls live the daily life of the Misak people and after some advice from their grandmother, they set out on a journey to plant water; an exciting journey full of knowledge.

Walking the territory

to take care of life

Quillasinga Indigenous People

A filmmaking by Quillasinga Indigenous Reservation Refugio del Sol and the School of Communications Los Chasquis Guardians of Memory

The Quillasinga who walks the territory is the living memory of the territory. We walk to know and learn from the wisdom of the elders, we walk to listen to the voice of the earth and learn from it to guide our way. When we walk we recreate the ancestral wisdom of the spiritual beings that populated the territory. Therefore, if we do not walk the territory, we disconnect the spirit of life and walk with borrowed thoughts. To walk the territory is to walk life, and life is what is not named with spirit.



Protective spirit of the waters

Puinave Indigenous People

A filmmaking by Camaritagua Indigenous Reserve

The Puinave people share their cosmogonic vision of water; teaching about the güio, the spirit that protects it in the rivers and watersheds, thus making a call for its necessary care by all.