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Episode 6

Resistance for peace


This episode is dedicated to the contributions of the Korebajü, Pijao and Inga peoples to harmony and peaceful coexistence. Despite the ravages of the armed conflict, the daily practices of these peoples are always moving towards a better community coexistence.


The following is a description of each of the stories that are part of this episode. If you would like to access the videos with English subtitles, please contact us at produccion@elbuenvivir.co


Pain´rep reojache paiche

Good living, living in peace

Korebajü Indigenous People

A filmmaking by Consejo Regional Indígena del Orteguaza Medio Caquetá (Regional Indigenous Council of Orteguaza-Middle Caquetá) CRIOMC

The Korebajü people share how, despite the violence they have experienced, they still keep alive their identity and the wisdom transmitted by their ancestors to live well, to live in peace.


Las Hermosas, breezes of peace

Pijao Indigenous People

A filmmaking by Indigenous Communities of Rionegro and El Escobal

Through the voice of three generations of women of the Pijao people in the Cañón de las Hermosas, a territory battered by violence, we show how the leadership of Pijao women has been essential for the social transformation of a territory; their struggle has fostered peace, union and harmony in the Pijao culture.


Suma Kausai

Living in peace

Inga Indigenous People

A filmmaking by Zonal Indigenous Organization of Putumayo, OZIP and Collective of Inga Audiovisual Filmmakers

The Inga people share how they relate to the environment and how they have maintained a balance with Mother Earth through the pillars that guide their culture, sending a message about the responsibility we all have to achieve a better life.