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Episode 3

Thinking and acting well


To the concept of spiritual and material well-being must be added the dimension of individual and collective social behavior. Living well also implies being in harmony with family and neighbors, resolving conflicts, sharing the resources of the territory according to the rules of origin, and relating adequately with ourselves and with the environment.


The following is a description of each of the stories that are part of this episode. If you would like to access the videos with English subtitles, please contact us at produccion@elbuenvivir.co


Sa'anasia Lapü

The good thing about dreams

Wayuu Indigenous People

A filmamking by Programa de Comunicacion Propia de Yanama

A young man and a wise woman from the Wayuu people of La Guajira show and explain the importance of oneiric revelations to know and to act well in the world.



When the Word begins to heal

Kamëntšá Indigenous People

A filmmaking by the Traditional Indigenous Authorities of Colombia – Mayor Government (Spanish: Autoridades Tradicionales Indigenas de Colombia Gobierno Mayor)

The value of good advice and the wise word to overcome individual and collective societal conflicts is shown in the Kamentša people of the Sibundoy Valley. The important thing is to cultivate a space of reconciliation with nature, spirits, family, community, and the individual.



Wisdom plants to harmonize the world

Murui Muina M+n+ka and Muinane Indigenous People

A filmmaking by Nelly Kuiru and theEscuela de Comunicacion indigena Ka+Jana Uai

The traditional wise people of the Murui Muina M+n+ka and Muinane people of the Colombian Amazon show and explain the value of words and dialogue in managing the world from daily life in the great spiritual house or maloca.