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Language: Dʉmʉna

The Wiwa indigenous people are one of the four peoples that inhabit the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Its territory is in the municipalities of Dibulla, Riohacha and San Juan del Cesar in La Guajira, and in Valledupar and Becerril in the department of Cesar.


The production of “The Living Well” with the Wiwa people was carried out specifically in the community of Gotzeshi, located in the middle basin of the Guachaca river, especially in the sacred well of Matuna.


Bunkuaneyuman Comunicaciones is the collective that was in charge of the realization of the story "Siziwa - Dancing so that the planet keeps turning." Bunkuaneyuman is a team of communicators from the Wiwa people that was created with the objective of producing audiovisual materials for the visibility of the Wiwa cultural wealth, as an exchange mechanism towards controlled information, without any alteration, showing reality and making known outwards the importance of native culture. We invite you to see the behind the scenes of this story of the Wiwa people, continue down and click on the video.


Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of Siziwa - Dancing so that the planet keeps turning


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