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Language: Wayuunaiki 


The territory of the Wayuu Indigenous People extends from the La Guajira peninsula in northern Colombia to northwestern Venezuela in the state of Zulia, on the Caribbean Sea. In Colombia they are the people with the largest number of inhabitants and their language, Wayuunaiki, is the most widely spoken indigenous language in the country. 


The production of “The Living Well” with the Wayuu people was carried out specifically in the Majaly rancheria in the municipality of Maicao, Media Guajira, and in Jepira, a sacred site of the Wayuu People, in Cabo de la Vela.


The Yanama Indigenous Organization's Own Communication Program was in charge of the realization of the story "Sa'anasia Lapu - The Good thing about dreams", who worked in accompaniment with the Communication Network of the Wayuu Putchimaajana People. Yanama is one of the organizations that are part of the National Commission for Communication of Indigenous Peoples, CONCIP. We invite you to watch the behind the scenes of this story of the Wayuu people, scroll down and click on the video.


Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of Sa'anasia Lapu – The good thing about dreams


Hello. How are you? in Wayuunaiki