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Language: U´wa Ajka

The U'wa Indigenous People live in the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy (Boyaca and Arauca), in the foothills of the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes and the flat savannas of the department of Arauca, also comprising territory in the department of Norte de Santander


The production of “The Living Well”with the U'wa people was carried out specifically in the territory of Cobaria, located in the municipality of Cubara, Boyaca.  


Marly Caceres Uncacia, audiovisual producer of the U´wa people, was in charge of the direction of the story “Kaj aba obiryakaro - Taking Care of the blood of the earth”. She has endeavored to begin to train some community members of her town in audiovisual matters, who have participated in this production. It also had an enriching intercultural participation in which Rafael Mojica (Wiwa) from the Bunkuaneyuman Comunicaciones collective and Alcibiades Calambas (NasaMisaK) from the Nasa Luucx Comunicaciones Collective contributed. We invite you to watch the behind the scenes of this story of the U'wa people, scroll down and click on the video. 


Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of Kaj aba obiryakaro - Taking Care of the blood of the earth


Good afternoon in U´wa Ajka