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Language: Spanish. The original language is lost


The Indigenous People of the Pastos have their ancestral territory in the transversal strip of southern Colombia and northern Ecuador. They live mainly in the department of Nariño in reservations of colonial origin. 


The production of “The Living Well” with the Pastos people was carried out specifically in the reservations of Cumbal and Pastas, municipalities Cumbal and Aldana respectively, in the Nariño department. 


Audiovisuales Pastas is the collective in charge of the realization of the story "Guardians of the Seeds". Audiovisuales Pastas is an indigenous communication collective from the Pastos People focused on audiovisual production, promoting research, training processes and cultural management. We invite you to watch the behind the scenes of this story of the Pastos people, scroll down and click on the video.


Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of Guardians of the seeds


Good morning in the languages of Pastos people