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MURUI Muina M+n+ka and Muinane

Languages: Bue, Nika, Nipode y M+n+ka


The Murui Muina M+n+ka and Muinane Indigenous Peoples inhabit the southern part of the Amazon region in Colombia. Its location is in the Caqueta, Putumayo, Igara-Parana and Cara-Parana rivers, covering the departments of Putumayo, Caqueta and Amazonas extending to Peru.


The production of “The Living Well” with the Murui Muina M+n+ka and Muinane peoples was carried out specifically in the Amazonian Trapeze, in the Bora community of Km 17 and in the Lakes of Yaurcaca, Leticia, Amazonas.  


The indigenous filmmaker Nelly Kuiru and the School of Indigenous Communication Ka + Jana Uai (The Voice of Our Image, Spanish: La voz de nuestra imagen) were responsible for the realization of the story “Raâ - Plants of wisdom to harmonize the world Indigenous Peoples”. Nelly Kuiru or Moniya (traditional name) is delegated by the Macro Amazonia of the ONIC in the National Commission of Communication of the Indigenous Peoples, CONCIP, and has been leading the process of the Ka+ Jana Uai School. We invite you to watch the behind the scenes of this story of the Muina M+n+ka and Muinane people, scroll down and click on the video.


Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of Raa – Plants of Wisdom to harmonize the world


How are you? in Murui