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Guna Dule

Language: Dule-gaya


The Guna Dule Indigenous People extends between Colombia and Panama, currently in Colombia they inhabit the departments of Choco and Antioquia, bordering the Gulf of Uraba. This Indigenous People is also known as the Tule Kuna people.


The production of “The Living Well” with the Guna Dule people was carried out specifically in the Ibgigundiwala territory, in the Caiman Bajo part of the Necocli municipality, Uraba of Antioquia.


SentARTE is the production company that was responsible for making the story "Galu Dugbis - The memory of grandmothers." SentARTE, art with sense, is an audiovisual production company that works for the visibility of diversity, for its knowledge and recognition as part of our multiculturalism, its social integration, and its cultural safeguarding. Olowaili Green, director of the Guna Dule people, is a member of this organization. We invite you to watch the behind the scenes of this story of the Guna Dule people, scroll down and click on the video.


Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of Galu Dugbis – The memory of the grandmothers


Where am I from? in Dule-gaya